Saturday, October 31, 2009

street 101


I'm not used to the time change, yet. It doesn't help that i'm sick, either.

So my contacts have fallen through, so i've been searching the street for a story. My Spanish is good, so I'm constantly talking to new, exciting, kind people. Right now, i'm barely scratching the surface, but i'm enjoying the results...

I'm working on that interaction. I guess it's a pretty dangerous place, because every time i pull out my camera, a local immediately tells me to put it away and hide it. This makes me limited to what i can shoot and being able to capture a "moment" because my camera is never easily accessible. That's my excuse, and i'm sticking to it!

That's all for now, i need to go to bed, dammit. It's 2am.


light bright

So it's kind of amazing here. AMAZING.

This city feels endless. Even though the food is greasy (in the best/worst way possible), the amount of stairs i have to climb daily will make my ass look amazing by the time i get back. Okay, that was a bit inappropriate, but it's a fact! I'm looking forward to my future perky butt.

What i'm really trying to say is that the architecture is crazy! The town is like a tie dye shirt.. except for the lame part. Bright, fun colors are sprinkled on everything. On top of that, you can't walk 5 meters without seeing a beautiful mural. i have hourly eyegasms because of it.

Then there's the massive amount of stairs all over the city. It's like a cruel maze at times with uneven STEEP stairs. it's like a test that i barely pass each time. If i were a local, i would get a big bottle of water and some chips and go observe the out of shape Americans who attempt to climb the stairs. Regardless, I wouldn't have it any other way. It all makes my heart smile.

Just a few for now...

muy contento.



I know, i know.. it's been a WHILE.

I made it back from Mexico with all limbs in tact and sin swine flu. It's been a crazy two sessions of too many classes, Chile preparation, moving into a new home, and dealing with college angst (lame, i know). Only 4 months until i graduate!

blah blah blah... i made it to CHILE!!!!

I can't tell you how nervous i was about this trip and this experience. Words cannot express the doubts i had in my mind. But now i'm here, in this beautiful country, having no trouble getting around or communicating with anyone. I cant thank my family enough for letting me go to Mexico for the summer. BEST PREPARATION EVER.

This is what i was born to do. I know it. When i'm in a different country with a camera around my neck, i strive. I truly feel unstoppable. Nothing can get in my way. Nothing.

Wow.. I'm a dork. I'll shut up now and let you look at some pictures...

First, i made a quick stop in Lima, Peru on the way to Chile.

Quick as in 25 minutes in the airport. Totally worth it.

Self portrait numero uno in Chile.

This was taken on the bus from the Santiago Airport to Valparaiso after 15 hours of travelling. i immediately fell in love.

Jason, me, and Adam up on the hill in Valparaiso overlooking the city...

it has only just begun. More is coming!

I miss you all back in the states... especially my new roommates. I love you all.

Now, do your best Jagger.