Saturday, October 31, 2009


I know, i know.. it's been a WHILE.

I made it back from Mexico with all limbs in tact and sin swine flu. It's been a crazy two sessions of too many classes, Chile preparation, moving into a new home, and dealing with college angst (lame, i know). Only 4 months until i graduate!

blah blah blah... i made it to CHILE!!!!

I can't tell you how nervous i was about this trip and this experience. Words cannot express the doubts i had in my mind. But now i'm here, in this beautiful country, having no trouble getting around or communicating with anyone. I cant thank my family enough for letting me go to Mexico for the summer. BEST PREPARATION EVER.

This is what i was born to do. I know it. When i'm in a different country with a camera around my neck, i strive. I truly feel unstoppable. Nothing can get in my way. Nothing.

Wow.. I'm a dork. I'll shut up now and let you look at some pictures...

First, i made a quick stop in Lima, Peru on the way to Chile.

Quick as in 25 minutes in the airport. Totally worth it.

Self portrait numero uno in Chile.

This was taken on the bus from the Santiago Airport to Valparaiso after 15 hours of travelling. i immediately fell in love.

Jason, me, and Adam up on the hill in Valparaiso overlooking the city...

it has only just begun. More is coming!

I miss you all back in the states... especially my new roommates. I love you all.

Now, do your best Jagger.

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