Tuesday, April 21, 2009

my family won't like this...

but i find it amusing.

justin posted this image up on his blog...

©Justin Saiki

to which i commented....

...which started this conversation:

sometimes you have to look past the words to find the true meaning.

. . . uh, not so much with that last one.
that's just a gross and funny joke.

sorry family. it's kinda funny, no?



i finally have time...
(something i almost forgot existed)
BUT now i'm bored.

i have a lot of things to do, actually. . .
they're just busy work that i can slowly get to.

AND it's week seven... no one can really hang out.

so today i cleaned my car, took it to get washed, got some food, returned some buckets, watched grandma's boy, laid out by the pool, cleaned my room, danced and sang to the killers, muse, and vampire weekend, talked to myself, attempted to kill a moth, and now i'm doing laundry and listening to rx bandits.

i'm pathetic.

someone please entertain me and take me on an adventure.

right meow.



sometimes you get so busy, you forget how nice the little things are.


the lunch buffet at the taj cafe

having just 45 minutes to swim with a friend on a monday afternoon

giving a gift to someone awesome

taking a nap

dancing by myself

making guacamole and chicken tacos for friends, just because

playing (beating everyone at) mariokart

watching a few episodes of it's always sunny in philadelphia

great monday.


Sunday, April 19, 2009



so i posted a drunken vlog at 3am
but in retrospect, i realized what an asshole i sound like. . .
so i took it down.

basically.. it was smurphy's bday yesterday. We all pitched in to buy her and all of us tickets to see It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia show: The Nightman Cometh. BEST DECISION EVER. it was an amazing show, at the TROUBADOUR which is a tiny venue, and we got to meet the entire cast AND fred savage.

s o m u c h f u n .

Danny DeVito is shorter than me, btw.
i'm 5'1''.

sam, jeff, adam, alana, jesse, alexandria and myself cant ever forget last night.

i hope you had a good birthday, my love!

charlie day... i'm kinda in love with you.

i love life.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

the opening.

April 2, 2008 in Santa Barbara, CA...


i was a little nervous. . .
but i didn't fall
and no one booed

so i think
it was
a sucess!

i took zero pictures at the other 2 events (i know, i suck)... but they were all awesome! especially the ventura campus event. it was insane.

we did it! we pulled it off!

we had A LOT of support from family and friends, so i want to thank you all SO MUCH!

BUT a special thanks to those who came from out of town:
mom | grandma | scott | brandi | jason | brooke | papi | joaquin | matt | tia irma | tio jaime | lillian | jaime | alexandria | julianne | justin | ryan | kyle w. | derek | david a. | david m. | kyle k.

I really hope you all understand how much it means to me that you guys came. your support has made me so happy. I FUCKING LOVE YOU.

and thanks to everyone who helped out. there were a lot of students who volunteered at the events, and we really couldn't have done it without them. i will always be grateful to have such amazing support at Brooks. THANK YOU.

so, it's officially over. we're going to enter the separate projects (book, dvd, website) into competitions and see if we can win anything. besides that, i can only hope to one day work again with these amazing set of students. . .

NOW i'm focusing on chile! applications are due next week, and i have a lot to do. in fact, i should be doing that right now instead of this BS.

i can't believe i'm going through this entire process all over again... am i reytarded??



Tuesday, April 7, 2009


until i get my camera back from alexandria cesena, i'm not going to post about the openings. give it a few days.... :)

SO i haven't blogged much in the past 2 months, but i often write down random thoughts that go through my head.

here are a few of my favorites that i jotted down in the past 2 months, in no particular order:

"I know that i've said if i had any super power that it would be very similar to Rogue from xmen... but lately i want the power to be invisible. NOT to spy on people, relax, i'm not that nosy. . . but to mess with people. i like confusion and awkwardness, and i would truly enjoy popping in and out of sight to freak people out."

"i don't believe in love at first sight... but i do believe you're an idiot if you do."

"i'm not a romantic, but that doesn't mean i don't enjoy romance. hint, hint." (i don't know who i'm hinting here... but that's what i wrote on march 16th)

"where the hell are all of the dorky, funny, socially awkward men? Do they all hang out at a secret location that i'm not invited to? what the hell."

"machine work. i feel like i've been programed....LIKE A ROBOT. does that mean i'm missing a heart? no, brain? i should really watch that movie again."

"street fighter 2, donkey kong country, and mario kart for super nintendo, THEN mario kart 64 and super smash bros for nintendo 64... next rainy day."

"kill your babies!" (not real human babies, relax... i'm referring to pictures)

"i want to go hiking."

"cunt demon." (i'm not joking, look...)

"don't you hate it when you have 20 "friends" that are online, but you don't want to chat with any of them? quite frankly, myspace and now facebook needs to rewrite the definition for "friends," or at least come up with a new title for the majority of people you let read your status bullshit and see pictures of you.
"the people i want to be associated with because it makes me feel better about myself"
"the people i feel too guilty to not accept as a 'friend' because we had one class in middle school together.""
(i was a bit angry that day?)

"that's my job.. fucking with young people's minds." (PMM)

"i'm not afraid of being someone you don't like."

"how do you fall in lust? anyone?"

"sometimes, i really truly wish i was a lesbian." (uhhhhhh, yeah.. i wrote that.)

(just) "ragamuffin girls."

"happiness is only real when shared.
anyone want to share?"

"can a day go by where i don't have to try so hard to not be clumsy or embarrassing? really??? really."

"I think god enjoys laughing at me."

i should probably see a shrink.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009


wholly crap. . . less than 24 hours until the premiere of SVARA.

....and i'm retarded.