Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sagrado Corazon.

final week!

still having tons of fun, but a bit worried about the hurricane that's supposed to hit mañana. hmm... it would make for some awesome pictures (if my camera and/or i survive). i'm not a very good swimmer, though.

the other day i went to the church fair called Sagrado Corazon with my cousins! i rode on this dragon thing. it was fun for the first 2 minutes, but after 5 minutes i thought for sure the ride was going to break and i was going to fall out and die. it was wayyyy too long to be on that ride and let's just say the safety measures are a bit different her in Mexico. it was.. an experience to say the least! none the less, i survived and still managed to take some pics...

i wish i could stay longer.

that's all...


Saturday, June 20, 2009


so my tia Norma took me to see iguanas.

we went this property in Tecoman where a family lives in a sort of shack house. . . and a ton of iguanas living in the trees around them!! it's kind of crazy! i mean, a TON just crawling around in the trees, hanging out.

we went in the evening two days ago, and the iguanas were all in the trees. . but the man who owns the property told us to come back the next day at 11 am to see something cool. we show up yesterday and there's a ton of iguanas crawling on the ground eating TORTILLAS! hahaha ohhhh good ol' mexico.

i was thrilled to see these mini dinasours...

the family liked me so much, that they gave me a little iguana! i wish i could take it home!! his name is Gael (after my "boyfriend" Gael Garcia Bernal) and he likes me...

and my boobs.



i'm having some fun!

just a few black and white's i enjoy.....

this is inside my abuelito's (grandpa's) orange van:


muchhhhhhh more to come!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009


just one.

this picture makes my heart smile.


Sunday, June 14, 2009


So my post called "gauchos" should really be called charros. A gaucho is an Argentinian cowboy, while a charro is a Mexican horseman. fun fact.

anyways, i had so much fun the first time i went, i just had to go back... how could i resist?

and my favorite...

these guys are pretty badass. i think i want to date a cowboy now.

just kidding, relax.

more to come...



wow, how time flies....

This trip has been very different than i thought it would be. only 13 days left! i don't want to leave!!!

So obviously, i haven't been good about update the ol' blog. my bad. When i haven't been out and about, i've been working on some self given homework for my español (which is coming along quite nicely). this is me working hard...

I've actually been really bad about downloading and editing my photos, which is something i wanted to work on while i am here. i must've downloaded like 20 gigs of photos today... eesh. there's still 13 days, i guess... i WILL do better.

My taco count is totally fucked...it's just uncountable at this point. I think my bug bite count would be good competition for my taco count. damn bugs LOVE my blood. My mom says, "it's because you're so sweet!" (i definitely get my dorkiness from my mom).

Fun fact: i've watched oceans eleven 5 times, and xmen and x2 twice. i have trouble sleeping at night... no better way to pass the time then with brad, george, and matt, with a side of comic book nerdiness.

There is so much i want to share!!!!! i want to work on multimedias, because i've been recording a lot of sound, but my Final Cut is constantly having heart attacks... it's impossible to get anything done.

Anywho, here's a small series i enjoy...

more to come....

i'm back!