Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuga N˚II

Santiago, you have been so kind!

I'm not one for big cities, but Santiago's pretty cool. I've been using so much public transportation! Everyday it has been... walk 1/2 mile to the metro, then take the metro, then take the train or bus. It's exhausting, but it makes me feel like a badass. i'm lame.

The first real shoot I had in Santiago was Tuga's performance at this little circus in the city. Adam, Austin and I checked it out...

. . . it was awesome.

I want to put up more... but i can't give it all away! For more, you should ask me about buying a presale of the book and DVD that comes out April 10th. We need these presales because the school doesn't give us enough money to make our projects, so we have to raise majority of the money ourselves. Any support would be greatly appreciated!

Also, to get a taste of what the rest of the group is up to, check out the Chile Blog... I'm really excited, this group is so talented! i have a good feeling about our project :)

That's all for now, more to come soon!


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