Tuesday, February 17, 2009

rain drops

it just keeps piling up


it's been a tough week.

end of last week:
-brought up some shit that needed to be dealt with in my india group. a few people got really pissed at me.

-since some were already mad at me... i decided to get the balls to call my mom and tell her about the tattoos. that didn't go over too well.

-then i saw my parents in person... and they let me have it for several hours.

-more color correcting

this week:
-car and phone issues

-upset more people today... to the point of yelling.

-and to top it off.. 380 more images to color correct. by tomorrow.

This project is consuming me.

you know, i hate playing this role. i hate being this person that has to bring up the problems. i don't like the drama. i hate it. i just know that if i don't do what i think is best for the group, i wont be able to live with myself. and THAT i would hate more.

i wish (and i know a number of other people wish this, too) i could sit back and say nothing.


Anyways, on a more positive note . . .
i saw the pretty much final edit of the india book today!
it looks amazing!
if you didn't buy a presale from me, you should have.
it's soo cool to see all of our hard work put together into this beautiful HARDCOVER book.

We are awesome.

i miss justin.
sorry i haven't been a good friend lately, buddy.
i'll make it up to you soon.

and jbeezy.
live closer, dammit.

i miss scott. he was my best friend.
scott was the best at times like these; he always knew how to make me laugh.
i would go home to him after a long day of bullshit, and he would listen patiently and feed me.
then we would lay in bed and make fun of all of the bad actors on tv.
it was the best.
god i miss him.

fucking emo post.

it has to get worse before it gets better, right?
well i think it's time to get better.

i have some fun stuff to post up for next time!

...including a fun little sound bite.

i'm going to bed.


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