Tuesday, February 3, 2009


i am SO sick of color correcting.

this sucks. i have no say or real influence on the creative process of the book. i thought this session would be a lot of fun, but i'm totally over it. i was REALLY excited to help design the book. i even took tutorials on ask linda for indesign.

instead, i'm just doing technical work. bullshitbullshitbullshit.

i need a creative outlet. someone find me a project, fast.

i'm not upset with anyone in my group, or anything. i understand that having too many people working on the design and layout would be disastrous. someone has to do the color correcting, and i am good at it.

dammit, i wish i wasn't.

IT'S BEEN BEAUTIFUL OUTSIDE... and i've been stuck inside photoshopping like a tool.

i must say, it's easy to procrastinate when you're suppose to be doing something you don't enjoy.

i had so much passion for this project... but it's slowly fading. i guess i just thought i would be playing a more important role.

the book is going to be great, regardless. it's really coming together quite nicely.

seven more months of bullshit school work... that's it.

chop chop chop.

i'm SO bored.

does anyone want to play? i want to play some sort of game. like capture the flag! do you remember that game? think about all of the possibilities now that we are full grown! we could have the most epic game EVER.

i'm going to the beach tomorrow. that's fucking it. i'm so sick of working. i'm gong to take at least an hour out of my day to sit on the beach and read. i'm going to bring two capri sun splash coolers (best flavor ever), a water, and a book. dammit, i don't even know where to look in my mess of boxes to find a beach towel.

god i'm bored with myself.

i'll leave you with this...

my voice is a bit off because i'm still a bit sick.... i think.



Justin said...

ooooo boobs! oh hey you were talking. I didn't notice until you pulled forward and then I noticed your face. @___@

love you.

Ryan Ostorero said...

Nice ... I'm down for some beach time ... next week tho this weeks epic for me.

Capture the flag OMG I don't think I've played since I was in junior high good times

Tim said...

dude! video? awkward. hahaha. i commend you.