Friday, March 27, 2009

i'm bAck.

HI! i've missed you all so very much.

that's bailey behind me.. he's one of my new roommates.

let me give you a short recap of what's going on in my life:

SVARA premiere... ONE WEEK away.
so excited/scared out of my mind.
i can't wait!

i moved......... and i'm not currently enrolled in school (though i've been there everyday for 12 hours working on the openings).
i'm living with jeff johns
we're bad news together.. it's trouble.

i'm going to mexico for two months (may-june)
My cousin Helio will be there with me for part of the time
i'm going to become fluent in spanish.
it's going to be amazing!

besides mexico, i'm going to be living at home until the sep-oct session, which is when i'll be starting classes again.

AND, if Pauldo accepts me, i'm going on the next doc trip to CHILE.

explanations for all of this will come soon.

now... some fun.

haiku by smurphy

a note from p.brain to sam and me while we were rush color correcting for the av show.

in like 2 weeks...
i will have nothing left to do for india.
what am i going to do with my life????
it'll be so weird to not be busy 24/7.
i think it's going to suck.
but that's why i want to go to chile!!!

that's all for now.



Anonymous said...

i love you so deeply.

Anonymous said...

"what a bunch of shit."


im dieing.

joshuaclason said...

Your mom sounded pissed! HAHA. Thats awesome.

derekwong said...

I don't think I want to meet your Mother. She'll punch me.

Love you, though.

Justin said...

I laughed, I cried, Two thumbs up.

What's a girl got to do to upset the rents? Think I'll just stick to being introduced to girl's parents as their sex toy. Made in Japan.