Saturday, April 11, 2009

the opening.

April 2, 2008 in Santa Barbara, CA...


i was a little nervous. . .
but i didn't fall
and no one booed

so i think
it was
a sucess!

i took zero pictures at the other 2 events (i know, i suck)... but they were all awesome! especially the ventura campus event. it was insane.

we did it! we pulled it off!

we had A LOT of support from family and friends, so i want to thank you all SO MUCH!

BUT a special thanks to those who came from out of town:
mom | grandma | scott | brandi | jason | brooke | papi | joaquin | matt | tia irma | tio jaime | lillian | jaime | alexandria | julianne | justin | ryan | kyle w. | derek | david a. | david m. | kyle k.

I really hope you all understand how much it means to me that you guys came. your support has made me so happy. I FUCKING LOVE YOU.

and thanks to everyone who helped out. there were a lot of students who volunteered at the events, and we really couldn't have done it without them. i will always be grateful to have such amazing support at Brooks. THANK YOU.

so, it's officially over. we're going to enter the separate projects (book, dvd, website) into competitions and see if we can win anything. besides that, i can only hope to one day work again with these amazing set of students. . .

NOW i'm focusing on chile! applications are due next week, and i have a lot to do. in fact, i should be doing that right now instead of this BS.

i can't believe i'm going through this entire process all over again... am i reytarded??



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