Sunday, April 19, 2009



so i posted a drunken vlog at 3am
but in retrospect, i realized what an asshole i sound like. . .
so i took it down.

basically.. it was smurphy's bday yesterday. We all pitched in to buy her and all of us tickets to see It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia show: The Nightman Cometh. BEST DECISION EVER. it was an amazing show, at the TROUBADOUR which is a tiny venue, and we got to meet the entire cast AND fred savage.

s o m u c h f u n .

Danny DeVito is shorter than me, btw.
i'm 5'1''.

sam, jeff, adam, alana, jesse, alexandria and myself cant ever forget last night.

i hope you had a good birthday, my love!

charlie day... i'm kinda in love with you.

i love life.


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