Saturday, June 20, 2009


so my tia Norma took me to see iguanas.

we went this property in Tecoman where a family lives in a sort of shack house. . . and a ton of iguanas living in the trees around them!! it's kind of crazy! i mean, a TON just crawling around in the trees, hanging out.

we went in the evening two days ago, and the iguanas were all in the trees. . but the man who owns the property told us to come back the next day at 11 am to see something cool. we show up yesterday and there's a ton of iguanas crawling on the ground eating TORTILLAS! hahaha ohhhh good ol' mexico.

i was thrilled to see these mini dinasours...

the family liked me so much, that they gave me a little iguana! i wish i could take it home!! his name is Gael (after my "boyfriend" Gael Garcia Bernal) and he likes me...

and my boobs.


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