Wednesday, May 20, 2009


i've been having some trouble shooting these first few days. i think it's because my body needs to adjust to this new location. . i'm too distracted to have any creative energy.

...but that doesn't make any sense because the first days in india i shot like crazy good. i think it's because i'm being constantly monitered by my family; i have to behave myself COMPLETELY which makes me feel... uneasy? not that i normally behave badly, but i just have to reflect a certain.. persona out of respect for my family. it's hard to explain, but i hope you understand.

also, i feel kind of useless since i can't hold a decent conversation. pretty much everyone knew english in india, but here... not so much. i might as well be a terrible mime.

not being me is making it difficult to be a photographer.

these first few days, i was forcing myself to shoot. i took my camera everywhere, and made sure i took at least one picture at every new place i went. even though i wasn't feeling it, i got a handful of images i like.

finally, yesterday was the first day i felt like taking pictures. it hit me when i was helping my cousin sammy and a group of her friends with their homework project... which was to make a short movie about a girl who gets an abortion (i'm not kidding. when i finish editing it, i will put it up). I was in charge of this teeny camera with video and i remembered that this is what i love to do. the girls were having soo much fun, i just couldn't help but steal from their energy and get creative.

anyways, here's what i like from yesterday...

and it just wouldn't be me without a reflection shot...

now, i gotta work on my audio.

even though i can't communicate with anyone properly, i'm still having a lot of fun... i love my family... my primos are really fun and nice! i can't wait to learn more spanish so i can learn more about my family.

this is going to be a great 6 weeks.

taco count: 13 (still...)



the iney said...


estoy ahi...

sostengo mis collares... =O

mi perro tommy, luce hermoso :D


gracias amanda por ayudarnos...:D

ryan loughridge said...

i have a near identical chihuahua photo from costa rica.