Saturday, May 2, 2009


i can't believe it's May already.

quickly... i want to thank everyone for an awesome birthday and for all of the birthday wishes. i love my friends :). i'm twenty-two years old. what an ugly age. i have a good feeling about this year though... great things are going to happen!

on a sucky note. . . i was supposed to leave for mexico this month but the damn swine flu looks like it will be delaying my trip. what the hell am i going to do?? this flu could ruin everything. i so badly want to go visit my family, learn more spanish, and continue to shoot and work on small projects. agvjbfhsnkb

i'm going to be positive about it and hope for the best.

so the only plans i have for the next few months are to go to my chile meetings. The group has been chosen, and we have our first meeting on monday. this trip is going to have a completely different group dynamic. . . it's scary, but exciting! i know it's kind of crazy doing this all over again, but i know that doing anything else wouldn't make me as happy.

besides that, i'm currently home in monrovia watching flight of the conchords. it's nice being home and relaxing. my dad loves cooking whenever i come home, so he's been making some amazing dishes. it's also nice being home because alexandria is only a hop and a skip away!

like today, we took kai to the park, watched some baseball, ate sushi, and watched born into brothels, caramel, baby mama, and part of clueless. i love days like these. . .

this is Kai Kingston. he's a badass. he's going to be gorgeous when he grows up. is that creepy to say??

this time away from school is going to be good for me. i can feel it in my bones.
I'm having fun with my new 35mm f1.4
it makes me happy.
almost as happy as him....

what a rock star.


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