Tuesday, May 19, 2009


i have arrived.

I took this trip to Mexico to work on me.

I'm going to Chile this fall/winter for the next documentary trip, and i need to make sure i'm as prepared as possible.

My father is 100% Mexican and my mother is 100% white (but wants to be Mexican >>loveyoumom!<<), but she's a college Spanish professor, and has her Ph.D in Spanish Literature. I'm telling you this because i need you to understand how difficult is was for me NOT to learn Spanish. I can understand a lot, sure... but i can't hold a normal conversation. My brother, on the other hand, makes me look like an a_hole for not knowing enough because he's pretty damn good at it.

So i'm forcing myself to learn. Being fluent in Spanish is something i always wanted, but i was afraid to go for it. Six weeks in Mexico should do it.

Also, i'm here for photography's sake. Practice makes perfect, right? Well, maybe not perfect, but it helps...

I need to establish a good traveling workflow. I get distracted easily because i love to explore, but i need to make sure that i stay organized and on top of my files, captions, and edits. I think this will be more challenging than learning spanish.

But really, this trip is a vacation for me. Technically, i haven't been enrolled in school for 3 months now, but somehow i was still constantly working on either SVARA post postproduction or Chile preproduction. I haven't had any time for myself, which sucked.

So, i'm visiting my family that i almost never see, taking pictures, eating tacos, going to the beach, tanning, exploring, and having a lot of fun.

Do i look mexican yet?

Taco count: 13


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the iney said...

hola amanda, soy yeni, amiga de sami =D.
me gustan tus fotografias y tus blogs n.n es interesante.

a proposito, gracias por ayudarnos en el trabajo de la escuela...=D
se muy poco ingles, pero practico cuando puedo, yo entiendo, mas no se hablar muy bien y puedo escribir poco, solo lo que se...

me despido, asi que, espero no molestar... n.n


cuidate, nos vemos...

vibraciones positivas siempre, y recuerda escuchar la musica para tu alma... n.n adios

de: the iney, yeni =D

hello amanda, i am yeni, friend the samy =D.
i like yours pictures and yours blogs n.n its interesting.

by the way, thanks for you helping in the school work... =D

i know little by english but im practice when i can,i understand more i dont know speak very well and i can wrait little, only that know...

i dismissal,so,no bother hope... n.n


take care, see you...

positive vibrations always and remember, listen music for your soul... n.n bye

by: the iney, yeni =D