Monday, January 19, 2009

heartbreak kid.

i'm in desperate need of sleep.

So this past week has been weird.

The book for the india project needs to be done by Feb 2nd. Done.

so we have to go over 20 people's images and edit them down.
it's a lot of fun.

i had a really hard time editing my work from Light and Life Academy. going through hundreds of images of people i miss so much really took a toll on me. The worst was listening to the sound i recorded. i'm pathetic.
i avoided doing the work as much as possible. i watched the entire 4 seasons of the office, 4 seasons of entourage, and all of extras*****which is AMAZING and you need to see it. can't be healthy. i had a hard time leaving the house.. and doing anything productive. i felt really overwhelmed and i didn't want to revisit my feeling of leaving india.

sometimes i turn into this wimp that cant handle reality.

but i snapped out of it!

yesterday was kyle and derek's party. they broke my heart.
I SAW JULIANNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it was a lot of fun! miss alexandria came, too! and ryan and justin and much much more! i really love these friends... they're such good people. you know, we all have friends that you get embarrassed to be around, don't want to bring them in front of your other friends, and really kind of hate sometimes... well these aren't them. these friends are the kind you're excited to introduce to your parents, teachers, grandmas, pets, and all of your other friends.
we had a slumber party.
that's how badass we are.

s o m u c h f u n.

if you were thinking about going, but didn't, you're an idiot.

Then today i took the crew on a small tour of monrovia! They got to see the house i grew up in, my cats, and my dog that derek is afraid of. it was nice :)

Julianne shouldn't live so far away.

oh man, i just coughed a sick kind of cough.
i better not be getting sick.

when you drive when you're sleepy do you ever slap yourself in the face to keep you awake? cause i do. i always wonder if any other driver has seen me slapping myself while i drive... i did a lot of that tonight.

i need to sleep. like now.



Bre said...

HAHA, I too watched all three seasons of the office when editing my work for the Ireland show... weird :)

Ryan Ostorero said...

dude ... i totally slap myself while driving when im tired ... ur not alone ... the ancient ninja secret to staying awake while driving is

... sun flower seeds ... they do wonders for me.

had a lotta fun this weekend.

my new shoes kick ass haha :D

joshuaclason said...

I slap myself, roll down the window, and turn on the A/C. thank I just turn the music up really loud. It helps. I cant wait to see what you guys did in India!!

Justin said...

I yell at myself. "Pancakes and peaches!!!!!" - That's what I say. It works wonders.

derek dynasty. said...

great to see you last weekend. hopefully we can do this again soon. love you.

yeah, i love you.