Wednesday, January 7, 2009

hello 2009, my name is amanda.

i hope you're as good to me as 2008 was.

If you could just help me with the following 2009 new years resolutions, i would be eternally grateful!

be healthy.
i let the stress of school and life get to me both physically and emotionally. i can't let it negatively effect my life. i want to make sure i stay active, because that's when i'm the happiest. also, i need to deal with my stress in a responsible matter.. i can't shut down anymore.

do something new.
every week. everyday, dammit. i want to explore! i don't want any boundaries... just go. anything, too. it can be as small as trying a new restaurant to randomly going to mammoth for a day to snowboard for the first time. i love life, and i only have one, so i need to make the best of it!

do it.
i want to do a project where i go back to india for 6 months. It will need some financing from an outside source. i've started a marketing plan. i have a lot of passion for this project, and it's going to take a lot of work... i just have to do it. i'm going to do it.

that's all.

thank you, 2009.



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