Wednesday, January 21, 2009

ohhhh say can you.......

i think the best when i'm in the shower.
i need a waterproof recorder to record my thoughts.

busy busy busy bee.

there are SO many more productive things i should be doing instead of writing this blog. it's sad.


don't ever tell me the following words when i misplace or lose something: "it's always the last place you look."

....i will fucking kill you.
OF COURSE IT'S THE LAST PLACE I LOOK. why the HELL would i keep looking after i find it? who thought of that saying??!

someone (who will remain nameless) said that to me yesterday, and i gave that person a looooooong lecture on how only dumbasses use it.

it frustrates the hell out of me only because i misplace everything so i hear that saying all of the time.
all the time?
all of the time?

****side note: i'm not mad today or anything... just wanted to share a few thoughts***


i was driving behind this suv the other day, and they had 5 bumper stickers. all of them were about christianity (which i have NO PROBLEM with) but two of them were making me mad: Got Jesus? and Got Faith?.

now, mister suv man, i'm totally down with your faith.. but be a little bit more creative with the way your expressing it, okay? first, you have FIVE stickers about your faith. i'd believe you if you had just one. but i understand that you're super into it, however, "GOT ____" is so overused already, and you used it twice? COME ON!!


on more of a positive note...
how awesome is that???
i'm proud of us, america.

so, remember how i was super excited about the title we picked for the india project? well we've changed it... twice. the first time we changed it, i really didn't like it. But we chose again, and this one i'm okay with. i'm not as excited as the first one, but i don't expect that all of the decisions made by a group of 20 people are going to make me excited. but it's good. rolls right off of your tongue.

i'm still not telling you what it is, though.

the past 3 days of my life have felt like a month. is that normal?

The beegeez (book group) are meeting every day until february 2nd. yesterday was a 12 hour day for me. it was....long.

i hope i don't get fat from this.

everyone shot AMAZING images. i'm very proud to be a part of this group! we're killing it!

i need to clean my room.



Ryan Ostorero said...

I once took 3 showers ... in one day ... when I was writing a paper for english 3 because I didn't know what I was going to write about.

Justin said...

Oh Amanda. I think they have water proof recorders for people that like to sing in the shower. Probably at Spencer's Gifts. >___<

Anonymous said...

You are messy! Look at you room. Mine is cloeaner than yours. Hay primita you need to get marry soon. JK !!

Love yoyito

joshuaclason said...

I am totally the same way. And I usually forget my great idea by the time I get out of the shower. Let me know if you find one of those waterproof recorders..