Monday, January 12, 2009

i'm eating candy.


i don't know what that face is.. but i figured it was bloggable.
so it's been a while... so much to go over!

it's been an awesome break! so sad that it's over, actually.

i spent most of my time with this young lady right here:

Alexandria motherfkin Cesena.

we did the most random things.

i love her and mister kai.

we saw 7 movies in theater in 11 days.

this might be the way my parents find out that i got these... and they're going to kill me.
sorry mom and papi... i love you. just remember, i'm a good kid! :)
my first tattoos (yes, plural):

i know... i'm crazy.
please don't kill me, mom.

saw some good old friends

played some games... swear i wasn't cheating

tried to recapture that feeling :) thanks matt!

more friends

i love jason.

can't you tell how awesome he is?

mister frank bucci... ryan gosling has nothing on him.

Jason and Garret!!! Garret is going to be a brain surgeon. no joke.

party at Davids....

David and Lee! i've seen both of them naked. not in a sexual way, relax.

Andrew and Mark

this really sums up Lee.

then random few...


tattoo convention.

paw prints... my puppy loves me.


saw the following movies:
Slumdog Millionaire
Benjamin Button
The Wrestler
Yes Man
Revolutionary Road
moved to ojai
saw vince vaughn
got my first three tattoos
went to mammoth and snowboarded for the first time
road on a motorcycle
saw three bears
picked up a friend in jail
hung out with some of my best friends ever
made some cool new friends



joshuaclason said...

I want to see all of those movies!! Were they wonderful?? And also I like the tattoos, from what I can see at least.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, and have you heard about Uncle Sean and his tattoo removing yet? And how he used to bring home the skin he sliced off ('cause that's how they did it back then) in jars of formaldehyde to scare Vicki and Victor with?

I still think it's hilarious that Vicki ended up with no tattoos, but Victor's got sleeves and everything.

Anyway, you WILL hear about it. Ah, so nice to have someone else to take the heat off of me. :)

And Grandma told me once that she thought my phoenix is beautiful, but she absolutely denies it now. But she did, so don't forget they can be won over. Well, not your parents, but everyone else. ;)

Anonymous said...

Argh, I posted a comment before that one, but it didn't go through. What I said was,

I bet your mom is going to say, "But I could've bought you a really nice Om necklace instead."

And I asked if the pawprints have any particular meaning.

Justin said...

"I love your tats." - Ted

Anonymous said...

oops, Uncle Shaun (I think. I'm probably still wrong)

| AMANDA | said...

all of those movies were awesome EXCEPT yes man. my friend alexandria will disagree, but i'm sticking to it. Thanks about the tats!

you made me laugh so hard right now! you know my mom too well... that's exactly what she will say!!!

i am sooooooooo not looking forward to being nagged to DEATH by my mom about this. the only reason i was considering NOT getting a tattoo (let alone 3) was because of that. i'm sure i will hear it from everyone... but i'll try to distract them with my shiny camera and pretty pictures, haha.

i am glad to take the heat off of you, though!

paw prints are for a few reasons... i love animals, i'm an explorer, and i want to leave my footprints everywhere i go. the paw tattoos i have wanted for years now. they hurt SO bad.

you've finally updated your livejournal! i've been waiting.

Ryan Ostorero said...

I saw 3 movies over break.

yes man (liked it)
valkyre (loved it)
marley and me (it was ok)