Tuesday, January 13, 2009

meant to be.


my phone's not working... and i'm too lazy to go to the at&t store.

i want to go visit my family in arizona.

i made spaghetti sauce tonight....... yummm.

aaaaaaand i will do anything to avoid doing work.

the office is amazing. specifically season 2 disk 2.

i miss alexandria.


i love that picture because there are TWO alex's.

snowboarding for the first time
i'm a dork...

but i'm also badass.

thank goodness there are no pictures of me actually riding...
i was on my ass most of the time anyways.

sooooo i'm trying to be a better person..
india has inspired me to do so.
but it's hard!
i used to lie so much about the stupidest, most meaningless things...
it's hard to get out of that habit.
and don't judge me...
but i used to steal things that fit in the palm of my hand.
relax, only at stores.
for example...
i went to the grocery store the other day and i wanted to buy white ground pepper.
eight! that's 400 rupees!!
that could've easily fit into my purse and exited the store with no problem.
and 3 months ago i would've done just that...
but i didn't.
i bought the damn pepper and it tasted delicious on my homemade mac and cheese.

being good is making me poor.


you know what else is kind of cool?
india has made me brave!
i am no longer afraid of spiders.
if you know anything about me, that's a miracle.
sorry peta, but i've killed like 7 spiders without a squeal!

does peta care about insects?

this is a spider that a few students at light and life academy caught to take a picture of...in india


and i have a better attitude!
i don't get mad much anymore.
LA traffic still brings out some road rage in me, but it's not nearly as bad.
and i continue to be clumsy, like yesterday i dropped a frozen avacado (don't ask) on my foot, and it hurt SO bad, and i just laughed it off.

... i think that might just mean i'm crazy.

how old do we have to be to get stuck in our ways? i hope that never happens to me.

today we picked out an awesome title for our india project!
it's perfect and i love it and i'm excited to tell my friends in india.
but i'm not telling you, yet. . . so suck on that.

i like this

india fog is so much cooler.

i'm getting bored with my surroundings.
someone want to capture me and take me away?

i am so excited to go to kyle and derek's this saturday.
i haven't seen them in forever..
AND i'll see justin and ryan... but most importantly (sorry boys) JULIANNE!!!
damn, i miss her.

we met this past summer and we were inseperable until she graduated and i left for india at the same time. now she's all the way in sd :(

picture from this past summer... don't get scared because we have no makeup on!

i love her. we get in trouble when we're together!
saturday will be interesting.
are you nervous?

i want to make my own clothes. teach me?

i think i'm going to make more spaghetti.

what do you think the chances are of me meeting ryan gosling?

i a m a m e s s.



Justin said...

stop trying to look naked in your "candid" shots! it's hard being a guy. pun intended?

Ryan Ostorero said...

damn .... that looked like one of my posts ... random as hell ... This weekend is going to be off the hook.

Anonymous said...

we have so much to catch up on.

can't wait to see you..

joshuaclason said...

I agree with Justin, you did kind of look naked. And also with Ryan, I love the randomness of your posts, it fits how I live. By the way nice face in the last one, HAHA!!