Sunday, November 16, 2008


So yesterday i stayed in all day because i was still sick. It was a good day though, because Adam bought me a box of Kellogg's Chocos Planets & Stars, and Becca let me borrow this Harry Potter 5 in 1 DVD she bought here in india! I think the combination of that and the fact that i finally shaved my legs made me better today!
(So i was in this competition with sam to see who could last the longest without shaving their legs. i could've gone longer, but i believe that my leg hair may have been contributing to my sickness because it was mentally grossing me out and giving me a negative outlook on myself. Is that at all believable?)

Anyways, here's a picture of me yesterday night, happy by myself with Harry and Chocos!

Even though i've been in Bangalore since TUESDAY, today was my first real day out and about. Unfortunately, i didn't have a lot of energy, and there wasn't much to shoot, but i was just happy to be out of the hotel room! It's supposed to start raining tomorrow, but that won't stop me from shooting! I HAVE TO SHOOT.

Now, some real pictures....


These images are from November 4th in Chennai...

My sickness has given me the time to edit. More soon...

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