Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hong Kong.

I'm in India!!!!
This is my first time traveling outside of the US... besides Mexico. It's amazing. What took me so damn long??
LAX-Hong Kong-Chennai, India:
My flight was supposed to leave at 1AM Thursday morning, but was delayed due to fog. We didn't leave until 4AM, but it didn't seem that late. It was 17 hours to get to Hong Kong. SEVENTEEN hours. I don't know how i survived.. I probably slept a total of 2 hours.. i really didn't know what to do with myself. The plane was really nice, though! Every seat had it's own screen and headphones where you could play video games, or watch movies and tv shows! They had everything from Casablanca to Cool Runnings to Iron Man. The plane was fun because there were 20 people i knew on the plane that were spread out all over the place! Damn, this trip is so much fun already

We landed in Hong Kong to some humid weather. Our layover time was 11 hours, so we planned an 8 hour tour. Honestly, at first i wasn't very impressed. It didn't look much different. We had this crazy tour guide... she came off very rude, but i think it's because her english wasn't the best. She was pushing typical touristy places to go, which was very lame. It wasn't until we convinced her to go to the markets when i got excited... we started driving in downtown Hong Kong, and i started getting really ecstatic. Tons of people, cars, buildings, and more........ it was the first time it hit me that i was doing the one thing i wanted to do my entire life: see the world.

I can't even explain how Hong Kong was... i guess just check out the pictures and you'll see. We went to this really cool market thing that was selling really pretty jewelry... but i didn't buy any because i was afraid i would lose or break it in the next 6 weeks. It kinda sucks, but i love the images!

So we got back to the airport and ate a mighty fine italian dinner. i think i spent more money in HK than i will in India for food. Seriously. The flight to Chennai, India was about 5 hours. I pAAAAAAAAAAAAssed out. I don't know how much sleep i got in the past few days because i'm in the future now, but i know i was in desperate need of sleep. This flight wasn't as fun as the first because everyone was dead from the excitement.

Now i'm in India.

i'll post more later. Posting all of these images takes forever.

i love my family and friends, and i will miss them... but right now, there is no place i would rather be than here in india.

i'm sooo happy.

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Anonymous said...

imagery looks amazing!!

hope everything is going well. be safe and have some freakin' fun.

talk to you soon.