Wednesday, November 12, 2008


November 3, 2008
few favorites....

i seriously don't need to saturate my images... everything is so colorful here

This man got really mad at me for taking his picture, but i like it!

there are bikes everywhere

I love animals, but i'm afraid to touch any here.. you understand

This boy was just naked. by himself. no adults anywhere near.

I love everything here.

coconuts are everywhere

I love textures. i cannot get enough.

So this lady hates me. I took her picture, and she wanted me to give her money after. That would normally be fine, but all i had was american $20 bills. I dug through my bag and found one rupee (there are 47 rupees to an american dollar). I gave her the rupee, and she threw it back at me and probably cursed. i couldn't understand what she said.... but i'm sure it wasn't good.

That's all for now!

more soon!

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