Thursday, November 6, 2008

i love you, india


I could not be any happier.

I seriously feel like the luckiest person ever.
Foremost.... i am soo FUCKING happy that obama won.
sorry, mom, for cursing.

I will talk more about the election later because i did a crazy story on it...


I love india. i can't say that enough. I've been walking the streets for days... and every few hours i will turn to a friend and be like, "we're in india." It's almost unreal.

This is all very weird for me. I'm not use to doing VJ (visual journalism) photography... so i was very nervous coming here with literally no idea what good vj pictures are. Also i've never been critiqued on my vj photos, so i'm scared that paul (my adviser) will hate them. He hates me. lol.. he just texted me: i hate you.

But when i pic up my camera, i just get in the zone. It's been so much fun! i love my images, and even though a small, unconfident part of me is scared of what other people think of my work, i realized don't give a fuck because i'm in india!
****mom, i thought about it and even though i know you're reading this, i'm not going to censor myself too much... i love you! don't get mad!

I know i said i wouldn't post a lot of images, but i say screw it.

I barely shot on the first day, i was just taking it all in. I like this shot though...

The next day I woke up at 5am to catch the sunrise. We walked down to the beach and caught a lot of cool stuff happening...

i almost died when i saw my first monkey here! i want it.

so there are seriously wild goats and dogs everywhere. This image is for my mom and dad.. they like goats

there ya go.

more later....
i'm so happy.

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