Sunday, November 9, 2008

mi familia de india

This is me not being home sick:

Don't worry mom and papi... I'm minding my head!

Let's talk about my family here in India.
I never thought that we would all be able to get along so well, but we do!
The first 5 days we were all together and had THE most fun.
It's kinda sad that we're all separated now, but it'll make our Thanksgiving meeting all that more exciting!

First of all, there's Paul aka GeeDubS aka Papa Smurf aka Where's Pauldo aka Great White Spice aka P.Brain

He is our adviser for this trip, and he's the shit.

Then the kids...


john jeff, alanarama, ellen paige

They love eachother.

we're awesome.

This is my favorite picture ever.

amazingly, we still manage to get our work done.

Now for my current traveling family:
First is my lesbian lover sam (jk papi)

She's my roommate.

Then there's adam.

He protects me from all of the creepers.

They're awesome.

Together we are the ultimate tripod.

I love my newly adopted family. We are awesome.

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tim said...

i love the very subtle blurred signed in the background of the first picture. i think it's funny.