Tuesday, November 18, 2008

dr jones

Sooooooooooooo I'm better now, for the most part. I'm coughing up buckets of flem, but there's no fever! The past 3 days i've been taking it slow. My sickness really took a tole on me... i still have very little energy and i'm pretty sure i lost muscle mass.

Anyways, Bangalore and I haven't meshed well yet, though. It's super busy here and hard to get anywhere. Even the taxis don't know where they're going. It's exhausting. I did see a bunch of monkeys today, though! i'm going to catch one and name him oscar.

Things will look up. I called my contact today so hopefully i'll have a story to work on tomorrow. I'm really getting restless here... i feel like i haven't shot any good images since Chennai.

I will post some images of Bangalore soon. For now... more old stuff.

These are some pictures from November 6, 2008 in Chennai.

This was the first cat i saw here in india... i freaked out and tried to steal it.

I miss Chennai.

More is soon to come.
Hope everyone in the states is appreciating the food they have there. I would give my left boob for a good grocery store with anything i want in it. I really want to make spaghetti, dammit.

OH! I watched Indiana Jones Temple of Doom last night with Adam and it's AMAZING. For being such an avid movie fan, i'm dissappointed in myself for neglecting to ever see that movie.

I need to start a story.

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joshuaclason said...

Are you better yet?? You need to get out there and make this the best doc trip in brooks history!!