Friday, November 14, 2008

sicken it.

First of all, excuse my spelling errors. I write these post spontaneously, and if i didn't, they would never be posted. I try and go over them, but by the time i finish editing, resizing, toning, and arranging my images, i'm all burnt out. Also, i'm sick. I read my posts from yesterday and some didn't make sense. I must have been delerious. I edited them today, so hopefully they are better now.

Being sick sucks. Check it.... Yesterday morning i was all excited because i finally got some conditioner and i blow dried my hair.. so i took this photobooth pic:

How soft does my hair look? It was BANGen.
About 12 hours after that image was taken i started feeling like crap.

Then today i woke up feeling worse than EVER. My throat was trying to kill me and i couldn't stop coughing. I went to the hospital because i still had a fever of 101.2. This amazing doctor treated me, and gave me new medicine that better work. It's funny, this doctor was better than the majority of other doctors i've had in the states. They didn't have the same equipment though... to look down my throat, the doctor put a curved metal thing in my mouth and used a huge camping flashlight. kind of awesome.

Anyways, this is how i looked all day today:

I'm a sexy beast. HAB, actually.
i haven't had a fever since this morning, so that's a good sign. My throat is still bothering me, but i'll manage.
I'm getting really anxious though! I WANT TO GO OUT AND SHOOT! With all of this downtime i've editing my work, and it's getting me all excited to shoot; but i'm bedridden.


since i've had all this time to edit... i have more pictures to share!

November 4, 2008
Sheba Temple, Chennai India

We went to the Sheba Temple to shoot. We got there and all of these people are talking about this big event that was happening later that night. I have a terrible memory, and i don't want to get this wrong, so i'm not even going to try to explain in. Just check out the images...

I just realized i couldn't tell the story in 5 images. Well, you'll just have to wait until April 2nd!
I'm really excited about this story because 4 of us worked on it... and we all got a lot of good images and sound!

That's all for now!
Wish that my sickness is defeated by tomorrow!


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Rajesh said...

Hi Amanda,

The photos are really amazing.i guess you remember me.I'm the guy who met u guys in train from chennai to Bangalore.So how is your stay in Bangalore...enjoyinn??

neways happy thanksgivin in advance...