Friday, November 14, 2008

maybe it's the drugs...


just sick sick.

Being sick in india sucks.
I actually don't mind being sick in the US because it gives me time to relax and do a lot of things i love doing.... such as:
Putting my 40" Samsung to work by
watching ENTIRE seasons of TV shows like: Entourage, The Office, 30 Rock, Scrubs, Chappelle Show, Family Guy. (my mom is going to puke when she reads this)
Watching back to back to back to back movies on HBO/Showtime/Stars
and by playing Super Street Fighter 2 on Super Nintendo.

Being sick also inspires me to cook.
NOTHING sounds better right now then making my spaghetti sauce and spaghetti with garlic bread. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMMMMmmmmmmm.
Or Korean chicken and rice with miso soup with green onion and mushrooms.
Or scrambled eggs with turkey bacon, refried beans, tortillas, and homemade salsa.
Or homemade mac and cheese!!!!

i'm hungry.

Adam, Becca, Josh, Maddy, amd Sam all went out tonight while i stayed behind to get better....
I requested for them to bring me ice cream brownie thing or cheese popcorn. I hope they bring one of the two!

This past Sunday we saw the new bond movie. I think they cut a lot of the scenes. Also, in the middle of the movie there was an intermission... weird! I was so excited to go just for the popcorn.... and that's exactly what i got. I ate SOOOO much popcorn. okay i'm just talking nonsenses now.

publish post.

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