Wednesday, December 31, 2008

i thank you, 2008

2008, you have been very good to me.

Let's take it back.....

January- got my puppy loki and started my upper division classes!!
February- went to my first nascar race with scott and nick.. yes, i LOVE nascar, specifically carl edwards.
March- i first started to truly believe that i am a photographer
April- got accepted to go on the india trip
May- meeting julianne, justin, ryan, kyle, derek.
June- nature class camping trips... jb and i had THE most fun.
July- Lake Mead.. wakeboarded for the first time! got a pretty good tan, too
August- a million lunches with jb and justin
September- taking over the ventura campus
October- are you nervous?
November- india. the friends/family i made there. elephant riding. just india.
December- Ooty. finally realizing what i want to do with my photography.

honorable mentions:
-14 hour vegas trip with alexandria.. what the private party, bowing lanes, pool table awkwardness? i don't remember what month that was in lol
-the dark knight, slumdog millionaire, milk, the wrestler, burn after reading, iron man, juno, no country for old men, wall-e, pineapple express, there will be blood.
i love movies.
-the office's holly. she was the shit.
-reading, yes reading, inglorious bastards
-the random adventures with justin and jb
-jake gyllenhaal and ryan gosling... just for being so damn hot.

thank you, 2008, for everything this year. you have been the best year of my life... so far!



Justin said...

Good recap. October was a slow month up until that night eh? @_@

joshuaclason said...

Sounds like you had a kick ass year.

I am looking forward to 2009!