Saturday, December 20, 2008

one of these days, amanda

pow, right in the kisser.

it's 4:25am. i need a haircut.

you know what i did yesterday?? NOTHING. you should all be so proud.

i got out of my pjs for like 5 minutes to go say bye to justin... but didn't even make it.

i literally laid in bed all day. not even sleeping. just being there. I'm trying to get back on the right sleep cycle, but it's just not happening.


i'm thinking of doing an internship in india. how fucking awesome would that be? My friend Ankit sent me names of 4 different commercial photographers in india... and i especially love the work of one. I'm doing it. it's done already. July 2009... india, watch out!

goals for today:
-walk for at least an hour around town and shoot at least 10 pictures.
-start packing
-figure out if i should move into a place or just get storage space for now
-go to the gym
-go see a movie and eat some popcorn.

Scott bought me a Volcom sweater for christmas and i love it. :)

aaaaand i like this:

don't i blend in?

self portrait

Rahul is fucking awesome

josh and me. i found my foot twin.

that's all.

1 comment:

Justin said...

that last pic is awesome.

oh and everyone laughed and said Ohhhhh ohhhno no no after Derek mentioned your name because I told everyone to stick to the script.