Tuesday, December 9, 2008



So my friend Rahul and Nilesh got in a bad motorcycle accident last night. They're out of danger, but both have serious injuries and are going through operations. I'm very thankful that they are alive.

Rahul has been my main host since i've been in Ooty. He's been very kind to show us around, invite us into his home, and taken us to all of the best places to eat! He's been so kind and awesome... it's like i've known him forever. My heart hurts just thinking about the pain he's going through.

I had to cut my day short today. An essential part of my story was happening today, so i had to shoot, but i could barely concentrate. i'm worried sick.

Everyone please pray they recover fast and there are no complications in their surgeries.

some pictures...


Rahul, Nilesh, me, and Ankit.

FUCK. i feel terrible. I had to get away from everyone and be alone. I'm in my hotel room, in bed, by myself, going over and over it in my head. Even though i know they're okay, this is really freaking me out.

Dammit... my heart hurts :(

**** UPDATE ****
They're both out of surgery and are okay. Their injuries are serious, but the surgeries were successful. Thank god.

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