Saturday, December 27, 2008


So i've been meaning to post for a while now.. and decided that i wouldn't get out of bed until i did just that.

so here i am, in bed, editing photos to post on my blog

i'm SO glad photobooth doesn't take high resolution pictures.

ohhhhhhh man. . . it's so nice to feel happy again!

First, i have to tell of the interesting decision i made...

i moved to OJAI!

into a studio... by myself.

goodbye santa barbara!

i figured since i'm going to be at the ventura campus a lot anyways next session. . . might as well move closer. it's a really nice area... super close to lake casitas and only a 20 minute bike ride to the ventura campus! This will be good for me. i can feel it.

some pix of my move:

first i broke spidey. had to leave him behind...

look at all of the shit i threw out! those trash cans are full of just my stuff.

my car.. poorly packed. i actually rented a 27ft uhual (yes 27fter) but was too embarrassed to take a picture of its ginormoty (yes i just made up that word).

new place!

big main room

my-sized kitchen...

and my own backyard :)

i've got a good feeling about this!

So my last post i was definitely still super mad and sad and upset and all bad feelings. Later that day... i had a visiter that changed everything for me... miss alexandria cesena!!

she's such a good friend. she knew i was in a funk and drove all the way from monrovia to visit me for a day! she really lifted my spirits!

we are the ultimate duo:

I'm still upset about not being able to stay in india, but am no longer dwelling on it. instead i'm now working on a project that combines fine art and documentary photography that will take place in india once i graduate. Alex and i are working on it... we have a solid concept and theme, and we're currently working on a marketing plan! it's exciting to have something to work towards! It's going to happen!

This experience in india has made me realize what i want to do for my career!

how awesome is that??!

Anyways, now i'm home in Monrovia, ca for a few days.

Christmas was nice. It was the smallest yet, which was peaceful. i actually slept through most of christmas... i'm finally catching up on sleep. It's nice.

here's my grandma and my mom! i love them both so much... they're my biggest fans!

my puppy loki

ZOEY and my broster

teddy thinks he's a present.. but he's just trouble.


teddy thinks he's a baby... and my dad eats it up!

next years family xmas card picture??

i love my family.
it's good to be home.

Yesterday i went to alexandria's casa for a bit...

this is kai kingston. if he was like a year older i would totally be his girlfriend.

This made me smile so big... this calendar is up in alex's kitchen :)

i love these two.

so india is still following me everywhere! I saw two movies the past few days that i knew nothing about going into them... and one was completely about india, and the other the main character goes to india at the end of the movie. WTF?!

Go see them, though... they were both awesome. seriously... really really good.

okay that's all... i'm off to the gym!



Justin said...

I did see a preview for "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" and I forget to tell you that I was thinking you after. Hahahaha.

Glad to see you're spirits are lifted. See you in a few weeks!

Ryan Ostorero said...

glad to hear that you're doing well now.

Moving sucks ... I've done it way to many times already haha :D

can u believe its going to be 2009 soon ? KRAZY