Tuesday, December 23, 2008

time and time again

my jet lag is fading.

i'm not so down anymore... but i feel numb now.
i've been really focused on my move, it's distracted me some.

i'm just really upset with Brooks.
i need to accept it and move on, i know.

okay, one last vent...

I hate being treated like a child. I'm sick of trying to prove myself to people.

goddammit Brooks, who the fuck are you to waste my time and money? what gives you the right to tell me what i can or can't do during my break?? how is it that to go on this trip you forced me to sign a paper saying you're not responsible for me, then tell me i would fail this fucking class if i didn't go back?? how did this happen? how the fuck did they get away with this?
it doesn't make ANY sense. MY money, MY break, MY choice, right?
there had to have been some sort of legal document i could have signed to be able to stay. why wouldn't they give it to me? why the fuck did they tease me?

87% of me wants to tell Brooks to FUCK OFF, sell all of my shit, and go back to finish what i started. really though, if i wasn't so close to graduating, i would probably drop out.

I would find another school that wasn't a CEC money making machine. You FUCKING IDIOTS, you're ruining Brooks reputation. You wonder why enrollment has gone down soo much? it's because you're letting people into the school who AREN'T serious about photography! YOU'LL LET ANYONE WHO IS WILLING TO TAKE OUT LOANS INTO THE SCHOOL. your enrollment process is a joke! no portfolio, no references, nothing. i didn't even write the STUPID one-page essay, and i got in. it's retarded. Then you charge $26,000 a year for just tuition... that doesn't even include the materials we need.... you can easily add $10,000 a year to that. with the way our economy is, who the fuck is going to invest in a school that has a high drop rate and costs an arm and a leg?!


i could be in fucking india right now.

but i'm not. that's it.

I know i just ripped Brooks a new one... and don't get me wrong. The teachers and classes are amazing here! CEC is just fucking up big time. They're firing teachers that shouldn't be fired and making a lot of stupid financial moves that is giving Brooks a bad reputation. It really sucks, because the education you get here is so good, but this company is making it really hard to support it.

I think the only way i'll be happy with Brooks again is if they buy me an open ended roundtrip ticket to india.

i won't hold my breath.

negative nancy has left.

It feels good to vent. i feel a little better.

i look sexy when i haven't showered.

back to unpacking... pictures of my odd decision are coming soon.


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Justin said...


Mmm....you look pretty sexy when you haven't showered but I'd like to imagine the shower part.


Nancy can come too.